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Daily overview 

Therapeutic Activities

A range of activities are organised by staff on a weekly basis and residents are also encouraged to pursue their own hobbies and interests. We have a specialist worker who helps implement our specialist support packages.  

The Home has a vehicle to take small groups on trips, shopping and appointments. Bedroom TV’s are available upon request.

Special evenings and day trips are organised in additional to the various day-to-day activities that take place.

We have a poetry group that meets once weekly and our activities organiser plans activities for 6 hours every week.

The local Catholic and Anglican Ministers hold monthly services in the home. Local church groups also visit the home weekly.


Residents hold a bi-monthly meeting to discuss various aspects of the home; they are also involved in the menu planning and activities planning.

Complimentary therapy sessions are held including art, creative writing, reading, poetry and drama. We are open to suggestions and will accommodate all good ideas.  

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Care planning and reviews 

A plan of care package individual to each Resident is available at Rodney House. Each plan will ice compiled from; the Resident, recognised health workers, staff members and all meaningful people involved in the Residents lives. 


The plan will contain all aspects of personal, physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual and intellectual needs.


The plan will promote confidentiality, dignity, respect and privacy at all times.


The plan must ensure the personal safety of each Resident and safeguard him/her from abuse or neglect.


The plan will promote the right of choice, independence and inclusion.


The plan will be reviewed on a regular basis and records will be kept safely within the premises. A comprehensive Annual Review also takes place.


Visitors are welcome at all times, and are requested to sign the visitor’s book, which is kept on the entrance hall table. We have covid safe measures in place.


Residents may wish to receive their visitors in the privacy of their own room.

Arrangements can be made for visitors to join the Resident for their meals. Hot and cold beverages are always available.


Residents may wish to refuse visitors and these rights should be respected.


Meals are prepared by our qualified chef. Menus will be varied and favourite dishes and special diets can be catered for.


Should a resident become ill and is bed bound arrangements will be made in these circumstances to have their meals brought to them in their room.


Tea and coffee are served and available 24 hours a day. Visitors are also catered for.


Monitoring and Quality

Rodney House has a comprehensive Quality Assurance Programme including Residents Meetings, management supervision and audit, the complaints procedure, regulation by the Care Quality Commission, and Local Authority Contract Compliance In addition, we have a regular Resident Satisfaction Questionnaire which is used in the strictest confidence. We aim to maintain the the highest of Quality of services whist respecting the unique nature our services. 

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