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Rodney House 

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Rodney House is a Specialist Residential Home with a unique difference. We go far and beyond helping people getting their lives back on track. Specialist in residential care for mental health, addictions and complex behaviours, we are passionate about helping people live their best lives. 


Our Mission is to enable our residents to restore areas of their lives that may have been damaged by life experiences, so they can lead a full and meaningful life, regardless of their support needs. 


Our Person-Centred care plans incorporate not only risk, they also focus on health, well being and independence as core essential outcomes.


We encourage people who use drugs and alcohol as a means of coping with mental distress, to find safer and healthier ways to deal with their problems.  However, we also support those who are either not ready to, or choose not to totally abstain from harmful substances.


In addition to Abstinence based programmes of support, we also provide programmes for Relapse Prevention and Controlled Drinking. 

Our Services

At Rodney House we believe that, depending on personal circumstances and life experiences, we all have the potential to develop mental ill health, that sometimes the coping mechanisms used to endure mental ill health, such as self medication involving alcohol or substance misuse, can make it more difficult to recover and can lead to loss of self-respect or esteem and alienation from relatives and friends.


Our philosophy is to support people who develop a mental illness, by making available the best resources to provide a range of quality services that are neither judgmental nor condescending.  A service which safeguards and supports individuals to recover and rebuild a meaningful and satisfying life of their own choice, and which enables them to discover, or re-discover a sense of personal identity, separate from illness or disability.

Our Services

Flexible Support 

People change and as such our services will accommodate and facilitate our residents wishes as and when they arise.


Support will focus on how the person wants to live rather than assume or focus on how they think the individual should be supported.

Family Support

All available support whether professional, family or vocational will be utilised so as not to exclude caring and well-meaning people from the individual’s life. We will promote and encourage family contacts and relationships whilst at the same time being mindful of placing family members in a role that they are unable to fulfil.  

Person Centred Planning

All planning will actively encourage positive value statements about the residents hopes and aspirations. Increased attention to detail will be paid in planning how to best meet people’s needs, particularly at times when the resident is experiencing problems, difficulties or distress.

Strength based support 

We will focus on an individual’s strengths as opposed to their weaknesses or areas of deficit.


Our purpose is to understand and meet the individual and unique needs of every person living in Rodney House and also to support each person to meet their own goals and aspirations as far as possible.

Skilled staff

Staff have the suitable skills, qualifications and knowledge to deliver care to each individual resident that maintains their dignity, independence and respects their right to privacy.

Including our specialist workers who are highly skilled CBT/Theraputic practitioners.

Multi-agency working 

We liaise with external agencies and the local community to assist our residents to fulfil their needs.


We work in partnership with each resident to provide individual comprehensive working risk assessment and care plans.


“I love it at Rodney House, they haven't give up on me like many people in the past.”

AB - Resident 

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Ready to find out more?

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